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Metalfab is continuing it’s fundraising for the Atlantic Burn Camp for 2019. After successfully raising $8,000.00 for the Burn Camp through several fundraising campaigns, they are looking to duplicate or increase their amount raised this year.

The first campaign will be the sale of three firefighting posters. These posters shall be 11″ x 17″, printed on a glossy, thick paper. During 2016, Metalfab’s Ryan Stacey was at a training event where he was able to take several “in action” photographs. We will be using three of his photos for this campaign. The posters will be sold at $10.00 each or the set of three for $20.00. All proceeds will be donated to the burn camp. The three posters can be seen in the photo below.

These Posters shall be sold at the various trade shows, mutual aid meetings, musters, and other events that Metalfab will be attending in 2019. In addition, the posters will be available from any of our staff. If you would like to purchase any of these photos, please feel free to contact us at We will be either able to deliver these to your fire hall or if that isn’t possible we will be able to mail them at an additional cost. IF you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.