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You know that your rescue has two important responsibilities: to safely transport your firefighters and your equipment to the scene of an event. If it’s time to start thinking about getting a new rescue build, there are three must-have features you will want to include:


  1. Sabre-Vent is the ventilation system that’s installed on a unit to assist in air circulation. It’s good for when bunker gear is stored on the unit. With the cost of emergency vehicles spiraling upwards, it is crucial to make sure the investment in a new truck will last for many years. Fortunately, Sabre-Vent offers great protection at a reasonable price. Years of design and manufacturing refinements make this product a trusted and most-efficient method for preventing premature damage and limiting unsafe atmospheric work environments.

This powerful system circulates fresh air into every storage compartment of your vehicle while it is parked in the station. A programmable timer is prewired for shoreline power.

Consisting of a 400 cfm blower unit which forces air through a loop of 1½” perforated PVC pipe, the Sabre-Vent provides 1,000–1,300 daily air changes per compartment. The closed-loop concept assures a consistent air flow. Sabre-Vent is supplied in kit form and can be installed on new or existing equipment.

Sabre-Vent can be designed to provide venting for virtually all makes and sizes of chassis styles. Because of its efficiency in fighting corrosion damage by water and condensation, Sabre-Vent pays for itself within a short time by reducing or eliminating costly repairs or replacements. Other features include the following:

  • Helps prevent rusting of compartments
  • Lessens chance of buildup of volatile and noxious fumes
  • Diminishes mildew damage and odors
  • Fits all popular styles of trucks
  • Blower unit mounts vertically or horizontally
  • Curved fittings will not restrict air flow
  • Closed-loop design provides even circulation—front to back, top to bottom
  • Perforations deliver ample supply of fresh air to all compartments
  • PVC pipe and fittings negotiate all angles and turns
  • Pipe mounts in out-of-the-way areas and won’t interfere with equipment storage or retrieval
  1. Zico QSD – Quik Swing Down SCBA Brackets. These are SCBA brackets which drop down to allow a firefighter to back into the SCBA so they are safely able to don the air pack. If your crew cab is getting cramped, the Zico QSD enables a firefighter to easily put on compartment-stored SCBAs. This is a great choice for the Clean Cab Concept and reducing firefighter exposure to harmful carcinogens. Firefighters can quickly slip into breathing apparatus from a comfortable standing position, even when the SCBA is stored in high or low compartments. The swing devices are made of high-tensile strength aluminum and are virtually maintenance-free.


  1. Command Light Tower can save the lives of both firefighters and motorists. Recently, the Emergency Responder Safety Institute (ERSI) released its annual report showing a rise in struck-by fatality deaths of US roadway responders. In addition, the report addressed bright white lights, which cause glare and visibility problems for crews and motorists alike. Consequently, ERSI is recommending multi-level or high-rise light systems that rise above obstructing views and create visibility farther away from the scene.

The use of light towers will enhance roadside safety. An illumination comparison performed by Command Light illustrates how truck-mounted fire truck scene lights fail to stack up against a light tower. The study made it apparent that only half of the truck-mounted fire truck scene lights are directed at the locale, which is not a good investment of expensive LEDs. What’s more, the eye-level lights create blinding glare for the crews.

Command Light’s patented movement clusters all of your fixtures, similar to stadium lights, which allow light to gather and be directed for maximum output at the best angle. Command Lights are available in different sizes and light head configurations. There are different light head manufacturers available, and most importantly, they are extremely efficient in lighting up the scene safely around the truck and crew.

We are happy to help with all of your questions regarding your new rescue build as well as the features we would recommend for your crew’s maximum safety.