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At Metalfab, designing our fire trucks is a meticulous process, one where every detail is scrutinized to meet and exceed industry standards. We do this because we want you and your crew to be as safe as mechanically possible on every call.

Because a good designer understands that design factors like ergonomics, crashworthiness, visibility, equipment storage, and communication systems all play an integral role in saving and preserving the lives of our first responders and their communities, a good fire truck design should always make crew safety a priority when considering these factors.

Let’s have a look at five ways how fire truck design impacts crew safety.

#1: Ergonomics

The ergonomics of your fire truck cabin are fundamental to maintaining the safety of your crew. Comfortable and well-planned cabins contribute to reduced fatigue during extended shifts and ensure that firefighters remain alert and focused. Intuitive control layouts and displays are also integral to this aspect because they have the power to enhance operational efficiency and minimize the risk of errors.

#2: Crashworthiness

Crashworthiness is a key consideration in fire truck design because it is what protects your crew in any unforeseen accident. To this end, the design of your fire truck, particularly the cab, should incorporate quality airbags, structures that are reinforced, quality airbags, and a selection of other safety features designed to minimize injuries in the event of a collision.

#3: Visibility

Adequate visibility is essential for navigating safely to a call. Fire trucks should be designed with sizable windows, well-positioned mirrors, and camera systems, all of which augment the drivers field of vision. You also want to incorporate lighting systems that ensure your vehicle is visible to other motorists and pedestrians.

#4: Equipment Storage

Your fire truck’s equipment storage design directly impacts your crew’s safety. Secure storage solutions prevent loose items from posing risks during emergency maneuvers, and ergonomic equipment mounting systems enable quick and safe access to tools, improving both the efficiency and safety of your firefighting operations.

#5: Communication Systems

Communication systems serve as the linchpin for effective coordination and fostering a cohesive and informed response strategy. Every fire truck design should equip the vehicle with state of the art communication interfaces, which facilitate seamless communication between crew members, fire chiefs, and other emergency responders.

Design Safer Aand Better with With Metalfab

At Metalfab, we are committed to crafting fire trucks that epitomize safety and maximize efficiency. It’s at the core of our philosophy and of our design process. We understand that the challenges faced by fire crews like yours demand emergency response vehicles that not only meet industry standards but exceed your expectations, every time. Heres how the Metalfab approach to design ensures a safer and better firefighting experience for fire chiefs and your departments.

  • Innovative Cabin Ergonomics

Metalfab takes an innovative approach to ergonomic considerations, using the latest in comfortable seating and intuitive control layouts wherever possible.

  • Advanced Seating Aand Restraints

Advanced Metalfab seating is equipped with reliable restraints that ensure crew members are positioned securely in the event of a sudden stop or collision.

  • Optimized Visibility Solutions

Every custom Metalfab fire truck includes optimized visibility solutions like extra large windows, strategically placed mirrors, and advanced camera systems.

  • Extreme Crashworthiness Standards

Thoroughly reinforced cab structures, the highest quality airbags, and a number of advanced safety features are integrated into every Metalfab fire truck to minimize injuries in the unfortunate event of a collision.

  • Seamless Accessibility Aand Egress

Metalfab fire trucks are designed with seamless accessibility features like steps, handrails, and grab handles, to facilitate swift entry and exit in emergency situations.

  • Intelligent Equipment Storage Options

Metalfab fire trucks feature intelligent, secure, and conveniently located equipment storage options to keep loose items in place during emergency maneuvers.

  • Cutting-Edge Communication Systems

Our fire trucks are equipped with cutting-edge communication systems, including the latest in two-way radios, intercom interfaces, and data-sharing platforms.

Choosing Metalfab means choosing a partner dedicated to fire truck design that sets the standard for safety and performance. Our commitment ensures that fire chiefs and your crews have the tools you need to respond with confidence and return safely from every call.

If you’re ready to engage in our state of the art design process and build your very own custom Metalfab fire truck, give us a call at 800-561-0012 or email Business Development Manager Ryan Stacey directly at