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Federal Signal Introduces the Vision SLR Platform

Metalfab’s commitment to quality means we always choose the best for our trucks. When it comes to installing lightbars in our custom units, one of the brands we choose is Federal Signal.

Federal Signal is a leader in the innovative equipment, communication and security systems, and signalling products that keep our firefighters, first responders, and communities safe. From the company’s first outdoor siren released in 1917 to its first police beacon in 1948, Federal Signal has actively developed new ways to improve safety for the steady hands communities rely on.

A commitment to deliver superior service and support, innovation, and expertise make Federal Signal an excellent choice for your lighting requirements. Experienced design teams, engineers, and support staff have made Federal Signal a trusted partner around the world. Metalfab has worked with Federal Signal for many years now, and we can always count on the team to deliver reliable systems for all of our chiefs and their crews.

Federal Signal has recently released the latest in its lightbar technology—the Solaris LED Rotator (SLR) platform—which is dramatically engineered to increase visibility, optimize performance, and reduce risk.

The SLR platform, found in both Federal Signal’s Vision and Navigator lightbars, illuminates a broader area while you are on the go. With a unique rotator shape, the new platform can deliver up to eight times more light output than a standard linear lightbar. Forty-five-degree and 90-degree warning angles are particularly useful at intersections, a critical area for alerting oncoming traffic. With an SLR platform, you’ll experience earlier detection, quicker recognition, and faster response times.

Not only do the large sweeps of light help oncoming traffic more easily locate your emergency vehicle’s position but the technology also aids in aerial detection by constantly propelling the rotating light upwards. The result? Increased safety for both emergency personnel and the members of your community.

Using Federal Signal’s Smart Pod technology—available in 6-pod or 8-pod models—SLR platforms can be adapted to fit a variety of patterns and set to various rotation speeds, oscillations, and flash rates. With Federal Signal’s SpectraLux technology, SLR systems are able to switch to flood mode at any time. All of the models used in Metalfab trucks are NFPA compliant and come with a 5-year warranty.

Being a leader in innovative products and solutions for firefighters, first responders, and community safety is the goal at Federal Signal. The new SLR platform is just one more way the team is achieving that. We look forward to providing this new lightbar system in your next build, and we can’t wait to see what other innovations are coming next for the lighting industry.

As always, get in touch with us at to discuss the possibilities for your department’s next custom fire truck. We look forward to working with our trusted team of suppliers to make it happen for you.