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Introducing the Spartan FC-94 Chassis

Spartan Motors released its new, purpose-built, FC-94 chassis model earlier this year. The release sparked significant discussion in the fire service and apparatus industry as some initially perceived the new model as a modern, entry-level commercial chassis. In fact, the FC-94, specially designed to address a unique set of needs and challenges for first responders, is anything but entry level.

The FC-94 was developed as a cost effective alternative to entry-level commercial chassis, providing a customizable option for departments that have exclusively purchased commercial models in the past. NFPA compliant with multiple seating and storage options and a custom switch layout, the FC-94 is in many ways a custom chassis for the commercial chassis market. If your department has historically purchased only commercial chassis for your trucks, you may consider an FC-94 chassis for the next addition to your fleet.

FC-94 by Design

The new FC-94 is similar in design to the Metro Star model with some distinct differences in the dashboard, center console, and doors. The center console and dash are now made with severe-duty aluminum and allow for a custom switch layout. Whereas Metro Star doors are full length, FC-94 doors are barrier free.

All FC-94 models are pre-engineered with some limited options for customization. Spartan has partnered with numerous original equipment manufacturers in the development and production of the FC-94, and as a result, the new model provides a unique combination of solutions for firefighters, particularly those faced with budget constraints.

Ergonomically designed to be quiet and more comfortable, the 94″ wide cab and 10″ raised roof offer a spacious interior that allows 47″ for driver and officer head room, 65″ for interior space, and 87″ for crew width. The cab is available with two or four doors and individual seating configurations to accommodate crews of up to six as well as flat floors, low step heights, and larger cab doors that enable your crew to get in and out of the vehicle quickly with ease.

Other customization options include bumper extensions, brakes, sirens, and lighting. Bumper extensions for the FC-94 are available in 6″ or 24″ with options to further customize with aprons, Q2B sirens, air horns, hose wells, front suction, and front discharge. Brakes are available in standard or compression with a single or tandem axle, and departments can choose between Federal Signal PA300 or Whelen 295HFS2 sirens. Side-scene lighting is available in either the Whelen C9 Series or Whelen 900 LED, inboard front warning lights in either Whelen C6 or 600 LED, and a cab front lightbar in either the Whelen Freedom IV 72″ or Federal Signal Navigator 73″ model.

Powered by a 380 to 450 horsepower engine, the FC-94 is built to handle the heavy-duty requirements of pumpers, tankers, and rescues. The reinforced cab structure, gusseted and mounted with grade eight flanged fasteners, exceeds the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) while the low center of gravity and 50-degree cramp angle delivers superior maneuverability in heavy-duty applications.

FC-94 models, like all Spartan chassis, employ the strongest axles used in the fire service. An FC-94 chassis supports an up to 21,500-pound GAWR front axle and either a 31,500-pound or 48,000-pound GAWR rear axle. The combination of axles, front axle positioning, and cramp angles is how the FC-94 achieves a significantly better turning radius than conventional cabs and chassis.

Built to last, the FC-94 chassis comes complete with heat-rated wiring, powder-coated steel frames, a high-air intake system and a heavy-duty aluminum dash with a durable finish. Heat-rated wiring, in either a multiplexed or load management format labeled every 6″ for easy maintenance, is proven to deliver greater longevity. Powder-coated steel and a high-air intake system reduce maintenance costs and mitigate the risk of damage to the chassis in severe weather conditions. Fewer connections in the air intake system and having the air filter and ember separator installed above the chassis’ radiator and turbo connection also contribute to high durability. The FC-94 comes with a 1-year warranty for the paint, cab, and chassis and extended 5-year structural and frame warranties.

Each FC-94 cab can be painted in either a single tone or two tones with powder-coated frames finished in the standard black. Customization options are also available for heat exchange, exhaust, midship pump, wheels and tires, and battery conditioning. Give us a call for the full list of FC-94 customizations available to your department.


Metalfab Can Make It Happen

A driving force in custom cab manufacturing since 1975, Spartan continues to deliver safe, innovative, and durable solutions with strong aftermarket support to fire departments around the world. The FC-94 offers fire departments a high-quality, customizable chassis designed to accommodate budget constraints with pricing that falls between entry-level commercial chassis and Metro Stars. If the FC-94 is a chassis your department would like to explore for an upcoming unit, give your friends at Metalfab a call at 1-800-561-0012 to start discussing your options. Whatever you need, we can make it happen.