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The Distinguished US History of Metalfab

Metalfab is celebrating 55 years of serving the fire industry throughout Canada and the northeastern United States. In business since 1967, we have been providing the tools and resources fire departments need in order for them to make the right investment for their communities.

Metalfab founder Donald Green began in the fire truck manufacturing business by building fire trucks for communities in New Brunswick. We then expanded into Maine and Nova Scotia.

The very first truck we sold in Maine was in 1986. It was a pumper purchased by the South Bristol Fire Department. That brings back memories! Our second truck was sold in Wayne, Maine—a pumper built on a GMC Chassis.

Our next big milestone was in 1996 when the Ryegate Fire Department purchased the first Metalfab unit in the state of Vermont. After this noteworthy event, we were off to the races. In 1998, a department in Lisbon purchased the first Metalfab unit in New Hampshire. And in 2020, Vestal Fire Department purchased the first Metalfab unit in New York State. It was a tandem tanker.

Since 1986, Metalfab has proudly sold over 218 units in the United States. The majority of our customers have been small volunteer departments and medium-sized full-time departments, but Metalfab has also made sales to larger city departments within the US. Over the years, we have also delivered pumpers, tankers, and rescues.

Currently, Metalfab conducts sales in the US through dealers. K&T Fire Equipment is our largest and longest serving dealer stateside. K&T was founded in 1991 with a commitment to quality and service to fire departments and industrial concerns in Maine and across New England. Owner Tom York has had years of experience in the fire service and dealing with fire apparatus. K&T’s experience is invaluable in meeting customer needs. K&T is also extremely fortunate to be backed by the resources of the represented manufacturers. K&T offers service on apparatus in individual stations or in their shop, including apparatus refurbs and new fire apparatus.

Besides manufacturing fire trucks, Metalfab also offers invaluable tips and suggestions to assist fire departments with all of their requirements and questions. For example, thinking about replacing a fire truck during the current global supply chain shortage? Check out this blog chocked full of very specific and helpful details. What about getting a new rescue? Do you know what to look for? You will want to check out our post “3 Must-Have Features on Your New Rescue.” Our representatives are always available with news, updates, and information.

It is important for us to assist our local fire departments in any way we can. Whether that’s through new or refurbished equipment or through our helpful tips and suggestions, you can always count on Metalfab as we believe you deserve the best equipment for your team and your community.

Our mission statement is indelible: “… owners of Metalfab fire trucks know that each purchase is a 20-year partnership of protection for themselves and their communities.”

We help serve the needs of your fire department while working within your community’s budget. Don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to help.