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Zorra Fire & Emergency Services Puts Its Trust in Metalfab Fire Trucks

Zorra Township, in the heart of southwestern Ontario, is home to over 9,000 people who share a vision for a vibrant, prosperous, engaged, and environmentally conscious community. We had the pleasure of hearing from Fire Chief Deanna Kirwin of Zorra Fire & Emergency Services to learn more about the community impact of their recent delivery of a Metalfab Commercial Pumper.

How has this fire truck helped your department serve your community more effectively?

Fire Chief Deanna Kirwin: This apparatus replaced a 1998 Freightliner FL80 Fire Pumper and is stationed at Zorra Fire Station 3 in Uniondale. Due to the rural response area and vast location of our firefighters, this apparatus was designed to be a pumper rescue to include increased storage capacity including 12 [firefighters’ personal protective equipment] on board in an exterior compartment. Having the firefighter PPE on board allows for firefighter health and safety to be at the forefront without compromising service delivery and response time to scene. This apparatus was truly a team build, with an original truck committee formulated to research and design what would suit the needs of the team best. Throughout the process, the composition of that committee including the Fire Chief changed, and an entirely new apparatus committee brought it to the finish line. No detail was missed, and the truck is meticulously thought out due to the involvement of the firefighters in the decision-making process.

What was important to you and your department when you selected a fire truck?

Fire Chief Deanna Kirwin: That it meets the needs of our community and firefighters, not only today but also in 20 years.

Why did you choose to work with Metalfab and Safetek Profire?

Fire Chief Deanna Kirwin: Zorra Fire has nine apparatus in its fleet, with eight of them being frontline fire trucks. Of those eight, four are Metalfab trucks.

Zorra Fire & Emergency Services prioritizes forward-thinking solutions that will continue to serve both the community and its firefighters for years to come. The aim is to ensure that the vehicle remains effective and relevant even two decades down the line.

“Working with Metalfab and Safetek Profire was seamless,” says Fire Chief Deanna Kirwin. “Over the years, several of our firefighters have had the opportunity to visit the plant in [New Brunswick], and every time, the team has gone out of their way to welcome our team and share with them the expertise and passion they have for the industry. It is no surprise that each time a Metalfab truck is delivered that the firefighters, council, and the community it serves are all impressed with the apparatus from top to bottom.” 

About Zorra Township

Located in the heart of southwestern Ontario, Zorra Township has a population of approximately 9,000 people in a rural/urban setting. The Township comprises several rural clusters and two serviced villages. Zorra’s vision is for a vibrant, prosperous, engaged, and environmentally conscious community that evokes pride in residents for its accomplishments and continuing resilience as it forges the future.

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