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With over 50 years of experience, Metalfab has been providing the tools and resources fire departments need in order for them to make the right investment for their communities.  We help you serve the needs of your fire department while working within your communities budget.



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  • “Excellent – Beyond expectations.  Of 4 manufacturers of our 7 truck fleet it is by far in a class by itself.”  Wilf Barnes, Fire Chief – Northern Bruce Peninsula, ON Fire DepartmentWilf Barnes
  • “Great dealing with each department within Metalfab.  The follow up was excellent from explanations to adjustments.”  Art Rose, Fire Chief – Port Maitland, NS Fire DepartmentArt Rose
  • “Trucks are excellent and to our specifications.  Firefighters are very happy with the trucks.”  Graham Campbell – Greater Sudbury, ON Fire DepartmentGraham Campbell
  • “The quality of the work is exceptional and combined with new ideas make for a first class vehicle.”  Benny Ten Brinke – St. Andrews, NS Fire DepartmentBenny Ten Brinke
  • “Very thorough explanation of design & specs.  The sales person made good recommendations and answered all of our questions.”  Curtis Fraser – Tide Head, NB Fire DepartmentCurtis Fraser
  • “We did not feel any pressure to make quick decisions and had good information which helped us make good decisions.”  Benny Ten Brinke – St. Andrews, NS Fire DepartmentBenny Ten Brinke
  • “Went above and beyond to make our fire department happy with our new truck.”  Philip Walker, Perth-Andover Fire DepartmentPhilip Walker


5 Common Mistakes On Requests For Tender

We’ve noted 5 common mistakes that are made on request for tenders that can stop you from getting the proper funding and equipment you need for your fire department.


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