Mini Pumpers

Mini Pumpers

The evolving layout of communities, including the increase in homes in rural areas with narrow roads and residences on back roads, necessitates vehicles that can readily access these areas in emergencies.

Mini pumpers offer a viable solution for departments that need to present plans for accessing such regions. Apart from fire response, custom mini pumpers are versatile in other situations, such as motor vehicle accidents, first responder calls, and serving as fill site pumpers for tanker shuttles.

Mini pumpers serve as initial response units not only at house fires but also in car accidents, brush fires, and as mobile pumping units for tanker shuttles. The key advantage of a mini pumper lies in its compact size, enabling easy maneuverability on narrow back roads and long wooded driveways. These units are also considerably lighter than full-sized pumpers, reducing initial response time for your crew.

Our mini pumper trucks feature automatic transmissions, 2WD or 4WD options, a commercial chassis (Ford or Dodge), and a choice between diesel or gas engines. You can select from a side mount pump panel, skid pump units, or a compartment pump panel. The pumps available include Hale, Waterous, CET, or Darley. Furthermore, you have the freedom to choose among Hale, Elkhart, or Akron valves, Federal, Whelen, or Code 3 warning light systems, and roll-up or flush mount doors. Compartments are installed on the low, mid, and high sides. Please note that portable or full-size pump options are not available for this unit.

Unique Requirements

Typically, a custom mini pumper can carry between 100 imperial gallons (120 US gallons) to 400 imperial gallons (500 US gallons) of water.

The body of each Metalfab mini pumper is constructed using heavy-duty extruded aluminum. This includes a 3″ x 3″ aluminum tube subframe, a minimum of four spring-loaded hold downs to minimize body stress, a 3/16″ aluminum plate made with 5052 marine-grade aluminum, and proprietary extrusions designed to reinforce the body. Our customization services allow you to work closely with us in tailoring each component of the unit to meet your specific needs.

Various storage options are available for suction hoses, including side mount trays, hosebed-mounted storage tubes, and tubes located in the rear access under the tee of the tank. Storage for ladders can be facilitated using standard side mount racks, manual drop-down side mount racks, powered side mount racks, powered over-the-top racks, and/or rear access tubes through the body or tank. Roof ladders, two section ladders, and an attic ladder can be stored accordingly.

As each department differs in terms of manpower levels, equipment types, response areas, and water sources, customization needs vary. Metalfab offers you the opportunity to customize warning light systems, foam systems, scene lighting, pump types and sizes, storage, body configurations, and more, ensuring the best fit for your team’s requirements.

If you determine that a custom mini pumper is the right choice for your department, Metalfab’s sales team will meet with you to discuss your needs. We will collaborate with our engineering staff to design and deliver a unit that your department can proudly call its own.

For further information or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with one of our dedicated sales team members, please contact us at your convenience.

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