UTV Skid

UTV Skid

As communities expand, fire crews face the challenge of responding to scenes located off the main roads.

Whether it’s a brush fire on an overgrown logging road or a first responder call along a snowmobiling trail, conventional fire apparatus often struggle to reach these locations. To ensure a swifter response, your crew needs alternative methods of reaching these scenes. One increasingly popular solution is the use of UTVs (Utility Task Vehicles) or drop-in skid units, specifically designed for emergency response in hard-to-reach areas and rural environments.

UTVs are off-road vehicles tailored for emergency response purposes. Metalfab understands the unique needs of your department and will collaborate with you to customize a UTV unit that meets your requirements. These vehicles have become essential for fire crews to access areas that traditional fire units cannot reach. UTVs can be specifically designed to respond to brush fires, first responder calls, and various other fire and rescue applications in challenging terrains.

Each drop-in unit’s base is constructed with a solid aluminum tubing subframe and an aluminum deckplate exterior. The entire unit is welded, ensuring durability and strength.

Unique Requirements

Your UTV skid unit will be equipped with either a 2-door or 4-door UTV, along with the option of a medical package or a fire package. The medical package includes a patient area, attendant area, and storage for backboards, while the fire package includes a pump, tank, and hose storage. Additionally, you have the choice of a combined medical and fire package, which features a patient area, attendant area, fire pump, and water tank. Standard hose racks are available for hose storage, and limited compartmentation can be provided for extra storage, subject to the UTV’s size and weight. UTV skid units have a water-carrying capacity of up to 75 imperial gallons (90 US gallons).

Metalfab offers customization options for the warning light system, audible warning systems, striping and lettering, and the skid unit itself. If desired, we can install the warning light system, audible warning systems, striping and lettering, and skid unit on a UTV supplied by your department.

If you determine that a custom UTV skid unit is the right choice for your department, Metalfab’s sales team will meet with you to discuss your team’s needs. Working in conjunction with our engineering staff, we will design and deliver a unit that your department can proudly call its own.

For further information or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with one of our dedicated sales team members, please contact us.

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