Industrial Units

Industrial Units

Pumper trucks, also known as pumpers or fire engines, play a crucial role in the fleet of any fire department.

Fires and related incidents are not limited to municipal settings. Industrial plants and facilities also need their own internal Fire Response Teams. Whether it’s refineries, tank farms, mining facilities, or other large manufacturing and industrial sites, investing in a customized unit that meets the unique needs of your facility is a valuable asset for your response team.

Having a well-equipped Industrial Fire and Response Team is crucial for protecting valuable property, equipment, and, most importantly, the workers at any facility.

Unique Requirements

Metalfab offers a comprehensive range of industrial units, including Walk Around Rescues, Walk In Rescues, Foam Pumpers, Fast Response Units, Hose and Monitor Trailers, and custom-designed water manifolds. We are fully prepared to assist you in designing the unit that suits your requirements.

If you determine that an Industrial Unit is the right choice for your department, Metalfab’s sales team will meet with you to discuss your team’s needs. We will collaborate with our engineering staff to design and deliver a unit that your department can proudly call its own.

For further information or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with one of our dedicated sales team members, please contact us.

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