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Metalfab Ltd. to Sponsor Maritime Junior Hockey League Playoffs

Metalfab Ltd. is pleased to announce we have signed a multi-year agreement with the Maritime Junior Hockey League (MHL) to be the title sponsor of the league’s playoffs and the championship trophy beginning in the current 2022–23 season.

“Metalfab is extremely excited to be able to give back to several communities across the Maritimes through our new partnership with the MHL,” says Metalfab Ltd. Business Development Manager Ryan Stacey. “As both the MHL and Metalfab are community-minded organizations, this partnership is a great fit. It is a great honor for us to be able to watch teams vie for the Metalfab MHL Cup.”

The league’s twelve teams will now compete for the Metalfab MHL Cup, with the Metalfab MHL Cup Playoffs beginning in mid-March. Four teams [...]

Why Your Truck Needs the Air Primer

The New Waterous Venturis Air Primer

Why Your Truck Needs the Air Primer

An air primer might not sound like the most exciting piece of firefighting equipment but having the right one for your apparatus during an emergency call can literally mean the difference between life and death.

There are different types of air primers for fire trucks available. The one you choose may depend on the types of calls you’re responding to and the specific needs of your department.

What Is Priming?

Priming is the process of replacing air in the intake lines and portions of the pump with water. If the pump is to be operated from draft, priming must be done by means of a positive displacement pump or some other device for creating a partial vacuum. Also, when pumping from a water tank, priming will be accomplished more quickly and [...]

The Distinguished US History of Metalfab

Metalfab is celebrating 55 years of serving the fire industry throughout Canada and the northeastern United States. In business since 1967, we have been providing the tools and resources fire departments need in order for them to make the right investment for their communities.

Metalfab founder Donald Green began in the fire truck manufacturing business by building fire trucks for communities in New Brunswick. We then expanded into Maine and Nova Scotia.

The very first truck we sold in Maine was in 1986. It was a pumper purchased by the South Bristol Fire Department. That brings back memories! Our second truck was sold in Wayne, Maine—a pumper built on a GMC Chassis.

Our next big milestone was in 1996 when the Ryegate Fire [...]

The Recipient of the 2022 Jim Hayter Memorial Scholarship Announced

Metalfab is pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2022 Jim Hayter Memorial Scholarship is Trenton James Straatman. Trenton is a proud member of the Township of Warwick Fire Department, following in his father’s footsteps. Nominated by his chief, Brad Goodhill, Trenton will be awarded $1,500 towards his continued education.

A student at Lambton College majoring in instrumentation and control engineering technology, Trenton joined the department in 2020 and has been an active member ever since. He is involved with the community through a variety of different sports and is a member of the Tanner Reddick Memorial Two-Pitch Tournament, which raises funds for a scholarship in memory of the volunteer firefighter who tragically lost his life in [...]

3 Must-Have Features on Your New Rescue

If it’s time to start thinking about getting a new rescue to build, there are three must-have features you will want to include...

You know that your rescue has two important responsibilities: to safely transport your firefighters and your equipment to the scene of an event. If it’s time to start thinking about getting a new rescue build, there are three must-have features you will want to include:


  1. Sabre-Vent is the ventilation system that’s installed on a unit to assist in air circulation. It’s good for when bunker gear is stored on the unit. With the cost of emergency vehicles spiraling upwards, it is crucial to make sure the investment in a new truck will last for many years. Fortunately, Sabre-Vent offers great protection at a reasonable price. Years of design and manufacturing refinements make this product a trusted and most-efficient method for preventing premature damage and limiting unsafe atmospheric work environments.
  2. [...]

2022 Intershutz Review

Intershutz is the world’s leading trade fair for fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety, and security.

As many of you may already know, Intershutz is the world’s leading trade fair for fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety, and security. It is a magnet for companies from around the world seeking to develop new markets for their products. It is also the go-to show for pros wanting to learn about the latest innovations and share expertise with their international peers.

The show is usually held every four years, but it was postponed for the last two years because of the COVID pandemic. The exhibition returned this year, and for global professionals who were eager to learn out about the latest technologies and products, this year’s show was long-awaited and highly anticipated.

Intershutz is considered in a class of its own internationally when it comes to [...]

At this point, just about everyone has heard about the supply chain issues that are affecting almost every product and just about every industry—everything from cars and electrical components to onion rings and chicken. It should be no surprise that these delays are impacting everyone in one way or another. Though it is looking like the situation will improve at some point, it will take some time until everything gets back to normal, and just when that will be is unknown due to many factors, including the backlog caused by these shortages.

The big question is, what do you do right now if you need to replace an aging fire truck?

We offer a few tips to help you through this difficult process:


  1. Do a full review and assessment of [...]

Without a doubt, tankers are the workhorses in your department’s fleet of vehicles. They get the water to the scene when hydrants aren’t available by loading up at a water source, shuttling the water to the scene, and dumping it into a portable tank. They then return to the water source to repeat the process. The system is simple and reliable if you ensure that these units are functioning as safely and as efficiently as possible.

Here are three options that will help make your tanker safer and function at optimal levels:


  1. For safety purposes, install an IN view 360 HD Camera Fire system. This revolutionary vehicle monitoring system eliminates blind spots by giving drivers a real-time 360-degree view around the apparatus while also providing increased safety, [...]

The Township of Severn Fire Chief Tim Cranney was just six years old when the Township of Orillia built a second station. It wasn’t long before his father and two uncles joined the company, creating some fond early memories for Cranney of hanging out at the station, watching the firefighters do nonemergency activities. These recollections were so indelible that he later joined up with the department. Thirty-seven years later, Cranney has never looked back.

In 1994, the name of the Township of Orillia station was changed to the Township of Severn, where Cranney has served as Chief for the past seven years. What Cranney appreciates most about his work is meeting new people and creating lifelong friendships with members of the community he serves. He says he has many favorite memories during his successful career, but one that stands out is his joining the Simcoe County Fire Chiefs Association where he has had the opportunity [...]

 The station house requires new pumpers. You know what is required, but specifying what you need on a new truck isn’t as simple as copying the tender document from your last truck from 10 years ago. There is so much new technology to consider, and products are updated annually. Some new features may benefit your department while others may not

We’re here to help you decide. Below are three features that are sure to be beneficial for your department.

Trident Automatic Air Primer

Major upgrades in fire pump priming technology are helping to drive the market forward. The new primers utilize air supplied from the chassis air brake system to operate the pump primer, which is proven to be far more efficient and reliable than conventional electric motor-driven primers. The use of a primer virtually eliminates the impact load on the vehicle’s electrical system, thereby improving its reliability. It also improves performance over time for [...]

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