Larger than a mini pumper and smaller than a full pumper, this first-out unit is fully maneuverable with a high angle of departure, more equipment capacity than a mini pumper, and greater affordability than the full pumper. SMOKE series initial response units are ideal for cottage roads with hanging branches because the deck plate body will alleviate scratches in the paint. Customized to the unique needs of your department, the SMOKE series may be the perfect next addition to your fleet.

SMOKE series initial response units are usually the first units dispatched to a call, depending on whether or not you have other pumpers on your fleet. These units are particularly useful for off-road and bush fires, and as a base pumper unit. SMOKE series units are cost effective, with off-road capabilities that larger pumpers may not have.

Side mount trays, hosebed-mounted storage tubes, and tubes in the rear access under the tee of the tank are all options for storing suction hoses. A roof ladder along with two section ladders and an attic ladder can be stored using your choice of standard side mount racks, manual drop-down side mount racks, powered side mount racks, powered over-the-top racks, rear access tubes through the body or tank, and/or rear access tubes under the tank.

Generally, a custom SMOKE series initial response unit carries between 250 imperial gallons (300 US gallons) to 2,000 imperial gallons (2,400 US gallons) of water.

Our SMOKE series units all have a base flatbed body design, automatic transmissions, 2WD or 4WD, a commercial chassis (Freightliner, International, Ford, or Dodge), and your choice between a diesel or gas engine. You can also choose between a side mount pump panel, skid pump units, or a compartment pump panel; Hale, Waterous, CET or Darley pumps; Hale, Elkhart, or Akron valves; Federal, Whelen, or Code 3 warning light systems; and roll-up or flush mount doors. Note that limited side compartmentation is available, and no portable or full-size pump options are available with this unit.

Because every department varies in levels of manpower, types of equipment, areas of response, and water sources, each department has different customization needs. With Metalfab, you will have the option to tailor warning light systems, foam systems, scene lighting, pump types and sizes, storage, various body configurations, and more to best suit the needs of your team.

If you decide that a custom SMOKE series initial response unit is the right choice for your department, Metalfab’s sales team will meet with you to discuss your team’s needs and work in conjunction with our engineering staff to design and deliver a heavy duty unit that your department will be proud to call its own.

Please contact us for further information or to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with one of Metalfab’s dedicated sales team members.