We in the fire services industry know that, when it comes to emergency response vehicles like fire trucks, high visibility is paramount. It’s important because being seen quickly and clearly can mean the difference between a successful rescue operation and a potential disaster, like colliding with a pedestrian on the way to a call.

In recent years, LED lighting has become the gold standard for fire truck visibility, and for good reason. Here we discuss five key reasons why LED lighting outshines traditional lighting options and why you should consider making the switch for your fleet, if you haven’t already.

1: Intensity And Brightness

LED lights are renowned for their intense brightness, which is particularly critical for emergency vehicles that need to be visible during the day and in adverse weather like rain, fog, or snow. When calibrated correctly, LED lights can cut through these challenging environments and ensure that approaching motorists and pedestrians are able to spot the fire truck from a distance and take appropriate action to get out of the way.

2: Instant On/Off

Unlike traditional lighting systems that may take a few seconds to reach full brightness, LED lights illuminate instantly. This instant on/off feature reduces response time and ensures that lights are always at their brightest when needed. Because LED lights don’t have warm-up periods, they are highly responsive and effective in urgent situations.

3: Energy Efficiency

LED lights are incredibly energy-efficient compared to traditional lighting options like halogen and incandescent bulbs. In fact, your department can significantly reduce its energy consumption by switching your fire trucks to LED lighting. This efficiency not only saves money on fuel costs but also allows your fleet to operate longer without needing to recharge or replace batteries.

4: Durability And Longevity

LED lights are designed to withstand harsh conditions, which makes them ideal for use on fire trucks that encounter rough terrain, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. They are more durable than traditional bulbs, which are prone to breaking or failing due to these environmental factors, and have a much longer lifespan, which ultimately leads to lower maintenance costs and reduced downtime for your department.

5: Customization And Visibility Patterns

LED technology offers greater flexibility in terms of customization and patterns of visibility. Your department can choose from a wide range of colors, flash patterns, and configurations to suit your specific needs and achieve better visibility in different situations, such as traffic control, scene lighting, and emitting warning signals. LED lights can also be programmed to adjust their intensity based on ambient light conditions, which works to further enhance visibility.

Turn On The LED With Metalfab

With its superior brightness, instant illumination, energy efficiency, durability, and customization options, LED technology is something we’re seeing fire departments across North America increasingly adopt, ensuring that their vehicles are easily seen and recognized during emergency responses. It’s what we use by default now in each new build.

If you’ve got an older truck that has not yet been upgraded to LED lighting, give us a call and book it in to have us upgrade it for you. If your truck is over 20 years old, consider investing in a custom-built replacement equipped with LED lighting technology instead. If you’re not sure which option is right for you, reach out to our Business Development Manager, Ryan Stacey, at rastacey@metalfabfiretrucks.com and book a time to discuss the pros and cons of each alternative. He’s always happy to help.

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