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AMDOR manufactures custom-built doors, Luma Bar lighting, and lifting systems for the emergency vehicle industry. AMDOR has enjoyed a relationship with Metalfab for over 25 years, and we appreciate the invitation to participate in one of the first editions of Metalfab Minutes. AMDOR and Metalfab are both actively involved in the Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association (FAMA), a nonprofit trade association committed to enhancing the fire apparatus industry and emergency services community.

Burlington, ON
Lancaster, NY

A member of the Innomotive Solutions Group, AMDOR was founded in Oakville, Ontario, in 1992. Today AMDOR remains a 100% Canadian owned and operated firm based in our ISO 9001 certified facility in Burlington, Ontario. We also enjoying showing off our new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Lancaster, New York. At AMDOR, we like to say that we build products designed by engineers, not accountants. The AMDOR design is demonstrably stronger, and engineered to take up less space in your compartment. We are also very proud to source our extrusions from domestic suppliers, ensuring superior quality while supporting North American manufacturing jobs. Many people are not aware that AMDOR is associated with Whiting Door Manufacturing, the first and largest transportation door manufacturer in the world. In fact, the spring operating your AMDOR roll-up door is the same spring used to lift a Whiting door on the back of a tractor trailer manufactured in our very own facility.

When the inevitable time comes that you require field service or parts, AMDOR is ready to serve you. Parts required in Canada are manufactured and shipped from Canada. Parts required in the United States are manufactured and shipped from the United States. If you require assistance, our dedicated team of Territory Managers support what they sell.

For 2021, AMDOR is very excited to release 2 new products:

ESS Finish Protection System

For decades, roll-up door manufacturers have tried to figure out how to seal the perimeter of the door while minimizing abrasion of the door’s surface as the door is cycled thousands of times. AMDOR’s proprietary ESS system offers patented protection of the finish on your valuable investment.

Next Generation Drip Shield

AMDOR has spent years looking into drip shields, which are designed to protect the roll-up door from damage caused by equipment while catching water and debris that may drip from the door when it is opened. Feedback from customers has been clear. End users want a shield that is easy to install and remove (for cleaning and door service) coupled with complete wall-to-wall coverage. AMDOR’s patented new drip shield addresses these issues.

The ESS and next generation drip shield are available for order with your new Metalfab apparatus. Please contact AMDOR or Metalfab to discuss these upgrades today.

As we all look for novel and effective ways of communicating during the COVID-19 crisis, AMDOR congratulates Metalfab on the launch of the new Metalfab Minutes newsletter. We appreciate the longstanding partnership between our two firms and look forward to serving our industry for many years to come.