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Doing Our Part for a Green New Brunswick

Metalfab has joined Green Economy New Brunswick (GENB), a newly launched resource, to support New Brunswick businesses in becoming stronger and more resilient while taking action on climate change. For over 50 years, Metalfab has been providing the tools and resources fire departments need in order for them to make the right investment for their communities. Metalfab takes pride in helping their fire department customers while working within their community’s budget.

“Joining Green Economy New Brunswick was seen as an extension of the value of partnership, as we need to ensure we do our share to protect the environment,” said Ryan Stacey, Business Development & Marketing Manager.

GENB provides a variety of tools and resources, peer learning events, one-on-one support, and public recognition to help businesses succeed in making their operations sustainable while saving money, engaging their employees, and building their brand as Green Economy Leaders, provincially and nationally.

Metalfab will be working with GENB not only to evaluate their current carbon footprint but to prepare a reduction goal to work towards.  GENB is part of a growing national network led by Green Economy Canada, which supports other Green Economy Hubs across the country. Being involved with a network means businesses have opportunities to be featured in case studies, learn from peers across the country, and participate in groundbreaking sustainability projects to grow their profile and affect larger-scale change.

The businesses that join the network have made a commitment to setting sustainability targets and publicly reporting on their progress each year. The GENB refers to these member organizations as Green Economy Leaders because in measuring, reducing, and reporting on their environmental impacts, they are raising the bar for businesses to do their part for sustainability in their communities.

GENB guides participating organizations through four milestones, which act as a roadmap to sustainability:


  1. Getting Engaged
    Each business is introduced to a suite of support and resources and GENB discusses how to best align this work to the business’s objectives. Businesses are also equipped with a toolkit to profile their sustainability commitments as a member of GENB.
  2. Measuring the Footprint
    Working with each business, GENB creates an initial Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory in line with the World Resource Institute’s GHG Protocol Standard. They’ll also develop an Inventory Management Plan that guides a business’s annual data collection to ensure consistency, quality, and ease. 
  1. Setting a Target
    With access to tried and tested training and resources, GENB supports participating members to set an ambitious but achievable GHG reduction target. Then they help them create a plan to make it happen while building buy-in and engagement with key decision makers and employees. 
  1. Achieving Results
    GENB keeps their members moving forward towards their long-term targets while celebrating their successes and helping them to maximize the benefits of their sustainability work along the way. 

Metalfab is now part of a network of over 250 Green Economy Leaders throughout the country that are taking action on climate change and demonstrating that sustainability and good business go hand in hand.

Metalfab is excited about this new endeavor and looks forward to what’s to come. They welcome the community to reach out if they have any questions or want to learn more about this exciting journey.