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Metalfab is excited to announce the introduction of their new Municipal Protection Plan.  The Metalfab Municipal Protection plan is a lease option for acquiring new Fire Trucks.  The customer would lease a new Fire Truck for 5 or 7 years.  At the end of the term the customer would have three options:  pay off the remainder of the cost to own the truck, continue the payments until the remainder of the truck is paid off and they will own the truck, or the truck can be returned to Metalfab and the customer can then lease a new truck from Metalfab.  This would allow the Fire Department to always have a relatively new apparatus in their fleet with the latest of safety options.  During the lease period, Metalfab or their dealer will perform the annual pump test and truck inspection at no additional cost.  It will be included in the lease payment.  This takes one task of the hands of the Fire Department.


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