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What’s New in Lighting Systems

New HiViz LEDS/FireTech lighting products were unveiled at the 2023 FDIC held recently in Indianapolis, Indiana.

There was an impressive demonstration of the new Omen Lightbar, which comes fully populated with multiple colors­—red, green, blue, amber, and white—in the middle row. It is a modular warning system that’s the most durable and flexible fixture on the market. It is also a smart communication platform, allowing the operator to send out different types of alerts on the road. It offers updateable software with all the latest features. Options include choosing the length, mounting location, and whether you want to add a smart FireTech brow light to let the truck manufacturer do its thing. Gone are the days of needing spare modules and internal parts of warning lightbars. With the Omen, firefighters can focus on the job at hand. 

All New Design and New Features

In 2023, there’s no need to access a lightbar’s internal central brain. With the Omen, there is no center at all. Unlike older lightbar designs, it’s impossible for the center of the FireTech Omen Lightbar to fill with water­. It’s like a bucket without a bottom. It was designed with a modern exoskeleton and multicolor modules to give the ultimate flexibility while maintaining a super-simple design.

Moisture is one of the two leading killers of lighting products on a fire apparatus. Like all FireTech fixtures, mechanically affixed venting mechanisms allow our sealed housings to breathe and remain at a neutral pressure.

Stepping away from the traditional 1980s design—which focused on the serviceability of internal components—FireTech built the system from the ground up to create the first modular design using maintenance-free semiconductor tech. With this design, firefighters can configure or replace any-size traditional lightbar with FireTech Omen.

Command On Demand functionality turns your lightbar and any fixture with green LEDs on the apparatus to a steady burning green, indicating command function at the press of a button.

Night modes are a hot topic in the fire service industry these days. The Omen Warning Lightbar uses two strategically placed optical sensors to calculate proper intensity. Redundant sensors compare data to prevent false positives and provide more reliable day/night mode selections.

Also introduced at 2023 FDIC was the HVC Guardian Warning Lights system and the HVC Guardian Junior Warning Lights system. This state-of-the-art technology is extremely durable because it is the only fixture in its class to feature a full-sized aluminum heat sink and a lens that never comes in contact with the mounting hardware. Overheated circuitry is the number one killer of LEDs in public safety vehicles, and moisture intrusion is a close runner-up. It also offers an even distribution of lights, making it easier to view at night. With the HiViz Connect™ Guardian Series Warning Lights, fire professionals can rest assured that HiViz Connect™ has covered both areas and will replace the fixture through their industry-leading advance exchange lifetime warranty.

The Ultimate Mounted Warning Lights

These lights are infinitely updateable with unlimited flash patterns. They also feature forward-facing single- or dual-color LEDs with Chrome reflectors and optical collimators for high-intensity light output, plus side-firing LEDs that illuminate the side of the truck, increasing its visibility to other drivers.

Using a linear optic fixture can generate an ultrawide beam that is visible for miles.

Configure features and settings from a smartphone app or leverage wireless smart synchronization limiting the need to rerun wiring during apparatus retrofit.

Viewing angles matter. More angles mean more visibility, especially on windy roads. This fixture features forward-facing LEDs and side-firing LEDs illuminating the side of the truck, making the apparatus more visible to other drivers.

Interested in checking out the latest technology for your fire station apparatus? Contact our Business Development Manager, Ryan Stacey, at or by phone at 1-800-561-0012 extension 24.