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Maritime Junior Hockey League’s First Metalfab First Responder’s Appreciation Week

At the center of every Canadian community is a proud hockey team and a dedicated team of first responders. Like our Canadian hockey teams, our communities’ first responders work tirelessly to face extreme obstacles head on and emerge from each challenge victorious. Their trophy, of course, is the lives they save every day. At Metalfab, we couldn’t be more grateful for the contribution of each and every Canadian first responder.

As many of you know, Metalfab is a proud sponsor of the Maritime Junior Hockey League (MHL). Partnered with fire departments and their communities for over 50 years, Metalfab has been a sponsor of the MHL since May 2021. It is just one way we give back to our dedicated fire service community.

If [...]


CAPE Tested and Certified to NFPA 1901-16, ECE R29, & SAE J2422
Supply Chain Issues Update for Metalfab Fire Trucks

With 2022 comes a new year and many signs that supply chain issues will be rectified in time. However, even with some resolution in sight, it will unfortunately take some time to get everything back to normal. We currently have a backlog of demand for components like chassis, electrical parts, fire ladders, and various other items that will take time to address. In the meantime, we continue to see price increases for these parts that reflect continued supply restrictions.

Amid closures, travel restrictions, employee and product shortages, and dissension about how to beat COVID, there have also been less dollars available to fund important fire department initiatives like manufacturing safety equipment and apparatus. We understand this may be impacting our fire chiefs. Many [...]

Preparing an Fire Truck RFP Is as Easy as 1 . . . 2 . . . 3

Is your old truck in need of replacement but you’re dreading writing that pesky Request for Proposal (RFP)? Your friends at Metalfab get it. However, writing an RFP doesn’t need to be difficult. When you write an RFP for Metalfab, we’ll help make it easy as 1 . . . 2 . . . 3. Guaranteed. In this article, we are going to look at the process of preparing an RFP and let you know how to get started, a sample method for preparation, and resources you can use to help.

Before You Get Started

Before you get started on your RFP, make sure you have a basic idea of what you require for [...]

Metalfab Proud Sponsor of the 2022 Firefighter Curling Championships

The brotherhood that exists between firefighters is something you don’t see in any other profession. It takes a special type of person to willingly risk their life to save others, and the camaraderie that develops as a result is unbelievable. The annual National Firefighter Curling Championships are an opportunity for firefighters of towns, cities, and villages of all sizes to take a much-deserved break from putting their lives on the line to come together and play.

Provincial curling associations exist to gather provincial firefighters once each year to socialize with fellow firefighters while competing in a sport known worldwide for its sportsmanship. Combining the strategic sport of curling with the brotherhood of firefighters allows everyone to enjoy the company of their brothers and sisters nationwide for one weekend every year, and another week for the national playoffs.

At Metalfab, we support our national fire departments in any [...]

Corey Zinck is the Fire Chief of Oakhill & District Fire Department here in Nova Scotia. He’s been in the fire service since 1996 when he joined the Dayspring Fire Department as a junior firefighter.  He then joined the Oakhill & District Fire Department in 2003 as a full member. When he started out, he actually lived right across from the fire hall, so he can remember hearing the trucks go from a very young age. The Junior program is where it all started.

Oakhill Chief for six years now, Corey joined alongside a few friends of his, and once he was in, he was hooked. We want to spotlight Corey and the entire Oakhill & District Fire Department for their tremendous dedication to saving lives and protecting the community [...]

Metalfab Photo Contest

First Responder Appreciation
Metalfab’s 2021 First Responder Appreciation Photo Contest

It is Photo Contest time again and we want to see you!  To enter the contest is easy, just send us a picture of a first responder (Law enforcement officer, Paramedic, EMT, Firefighter, Nurse, etc).  The photo can be at work or at home, but should be in uniform if possible.  Please indicate the name of the person in the photograph, their occupation, and where they work.  Please ensure that you have taken the photo yourself or the person who took the photo has given you permission to use the photo for the purpose of this contest.  Also, please ensure that the person in the photo has given permission for the photo to be used for the contest.  Select photos will also be used in Metalfab social media and a First Responder Appreciation Video.

Three winners will be selected [...]

Introducing the Spartan FC-94 Chassis

Spartan Motors released its new, purpose-built, FC-94 chassis model earlier this year. The release sparked significant discussion in the fire service and apparatus industry as some initially perceived the new model as a modern, entry-level commercial chassis. In fact, the FC-94, specially designed to address a unique set of needs and challenges for first responders, is anything but entry level.

The FC-94 was developed as a cost effective alternative to entry-level commercial chassis, providing a customizable option for departments that have exclusively purchased commercial models in the past. NFPA compliant with multiple seating and storage options and a custom switch layout, the FC-94 is in many ways a custom chassis for the commercial chassis market. If your department has historically purchased only commercial chassis for your trucks, you may consider an FC-94 chassis for the next addition to your fleet.

The Story behind the Name: Why 6″ Suctions Are Called “Steamer” Ports

You may have heard the Metalfab team or your fellow firefighters refer to 6″ suctions—or intakes, as it is called by the NFPA—as “steamer” ports. We have customers all the time ask us how and why 6″ suctions got this name when there is no steam involved in their use nor are their any intake processes. In fact, the roots of this term lie in fire service history, and today we’d like to share with you the story behind the name.


A Look into Fire Service Past

Before motorized fire trucks came to the fire service in the early twentieth century, horse-drawn steam engines and pumpers were the most efficient means of responding to fires. These steam engines utilized a vertical water tube boiler [...]

The fire truck push-in ceremony is a time-honored tradition in the fire service. Celebrating the arrival of a new unit has been a source of pride for fire departments across North America for over a century. In recent years, the push-in ceremony has gained popularity, particularly in smaller communities. Because fire trucks are a sizable purchase for small communities, a push-in ceremony is a means to bring the community together to see their tax dollars well-spent at a formal event.


History of the Push-In Ceremony

Early hand-drawn fire engines, ladder wagons, hose carts, and other apparatus of the 17th century had to be pushed back into the station by hand after every call. The horse-drawn steam engines that followed in the 18th century could be backed up. However, having to control the [...]

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