Some people jump from job to job out of college, while some (whom you may call the lucky few) find a career path that ignites their passion immediately post-graduation. For Ryan Stacey of Metalfab Firetrucks, he was one of those people who fell into the latter category, and since joining the organization in 1996, he’s worked his way up from Junior Designer to the company’s Business Development Manager. But, like all the best stories, Ryan’s journey certainly can’t be boiled down to one linear path. No, it’s filled with all the twists and turns you’d expect that has today culminated in a 28-year professional career at Metalfab Firetrucks.

Luck Or Destiny?

Besides boasting the World’s Largest Fiddleheads sculpture, Plaster Rock, New Brunswick, was also the backdrop for something else—Ryan’s childhood. “Growing up in Plaster Rock, I had what I would consider a normal childhood,” Ryan says. “But when it came time to graduate high school and go to post-secondary, I knew it was time for me to leave . . . and explore what the world had to offer.” Heading off to the New Brunswick Community College (Moncton), Ryan would spend the next several years studying engineering technology before graduating and moving back home.

“After graduating, I did what anyone out of college does and started looking for a job,” Ryan recalls. “I remember hearing that Metalfab was hiring, and I decided to put in my resume even though I didn’t know much about the company. Honestly, I didn’t even realize they built firetrucks until I got the job and started working there.” Starting as a Junior Designer in the engineering department, Ryan has grown alongside the company and has taken on several additional roles over the years. “After a few years, I became a Senior Designer, and then somewhere along the line, due to [an] illness, I was asked to cover sales for Metalfab,” says Ryan. “Well, once things improved, our President, Gordon Green, decided he wanted to keep me on this role, so I continued with sales from there, which eventually morphed into this Business Development Management position I hold today.”

Personal And Professional Perspectives

When Ryan went from a salesperson to a manager, having to manage people was a whole new ball game for him. “I was still quite young at the time, and it was one of those ‘You’re the leader now’ moments,” remembers Ryan. “So it took a lot of trial and error to develop the leadership style I have today.” However, being the father of two daughters has helped him develop as a leader. “My wife and I adopted our daughters about six years ago,” Ryan explains. “They’re biological sisters and only about a year apart, so sometimes they fight like cats and dogs. But I realized that dealing with my daughters and finding out what works best for them is a lot like what I do at Metalfab. Put another way, I’ve been able to see a reflection of my leadership style by working with my kids. Plus, you get more honest, immediate feedback from your teenage daughters than you do from your coworkers.”

Regarding some of the specific challenges and triumphs Ryan has experienced over his tenure at Metalfab, he mentions that “[p]robably one of the biggest strategic decisions I helped make for Metalfab was changing our dealership in Ontario. We moved from having several dealers to now just one dealer who looks after things from B.C. to Ontario. So, I’d say this has strengthened our relationships there and made things a bit more consistent. In terms of struggles, the only obstacle we’re facing is lingering supply chain issues from the pandemic. We can sell the vehicles—which is awesome—but then there’s an extended delay in delivery that we’re not used to. Most of our customers are very understanding about this, and truly, if that’s the biggest difficulty we have, then we’re still in a pretty good position.”

Final Thoughts

Looking ahead, Ryan is committed to helping the organization continue to expand, not just in terms of the regions served but also the diversity of products being offered. Similarly, he looks forward to watching his family grow further and thrive. Ultimately, Ryan is the type of man who will help close a big deal at work and then head off to his daughter’s volleyball game to watch her play her heart out, seamlessly balancing the two in the dance we call life. So, with that, we’ll leave you with this thought to ponder: Could you imagine if he hadn’t taken the leap and applied for a position at Metalfab all those years ago? We certainly can’t.

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