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Metalfab now a proud partner of the Maritime Junior Hockey League









Truro, N.S. (July 14, 2021) – The Maritime Junior Hockey League (MHL) is pleased to announce the addition of leading Canadian fire truck manufacturer Metalfab Ltd. as a league sponsor. Located in Centreville, N.B., Metalfab Ltd. has serviced many fire departments and municipalities throughout Canada for over 50 years. That includes many fire departments in and around the league’s twelve communities.

“It’s always exciting [...]

The Apparatus Floor

Summer Edition

We are pleased to announce that the summer edition of our Quarterly Magazine, The Apparatus Floor, is now available online.

Why Your Department Should Consider Fire Scene Lighting

Even though it is not required by NFPA 1901, scene lighting is an extremely popular choice amongst fire departments for fire apparatus today. Tasks performed by your crew on fire scenes during the day are inherently dangerous, but the level of risk is elevated even further at night due to the lack of light. Scene lighting instruments are designed to increase visibility at the scene in situations where little light is available, significantly reducing this risk.

In general, scene lighting refers to the system of lights and fixtures your department uses to illuminate large areas of a scene such as a fire ground, vehicle accident, or hazmat incident. Experts today say modern fire scene lighting should be able to hit a scene a hundred yards away.

Fire experts agree [...]

Fire Department Spotlight

Quadra Island, BC Fire Department
Fire Department Spotlight: Quadra Island, BC

Quadra Island Fire Chief Sharon Clandening has been with the Quadra Island Fire Department for 27 years, moving up the ranks until she became chief in 2008. When she was recruited, there was very little emergency coverage in the Quadra Island community, and the department’s fire chief at the time was specifically seeking women with school-aged children to join. Sharon just happened to be one of those moms, and she became part of a nine-woman recruit class and the first recruit class to go through formal training and certification. Up until that time, it had been an environment of learning as you go. Although she encountered some older male crew members who were unhappy with the new system and the gender of her recruit class, Sharon [...]

For years, companies have taken advantage of trade shows to announce and showcase new products. Launching a new product at a trade show was often the best way to maximize exposure and connect directly with consumers. For decades, this was how Metalfab and our suppliers got the word out about new customization options for our custom fire trucks. But, as we all know, this isn’t possible with pandemic health and safety restrictions still in place.

Now, after two years without trade shows, some new product options have been released under the radar of fire chiefs across Canada and the United States. In this time, we’ve seen industry-shifting innovations from suppliers such as Waterous, Federal Signal, Amdor, and Task Force Tips. Today, on behalf of these trusted suppliers, we’d like to take the opportunity to share these new product options with you.



The team at Waterous thinks like a fire chief. They understand [...]

Federal Signal Introduces the Vision SLR Platform

Metalfab’s commitment to quality means we always choose the best for our trucks. When it comes to installing lightbars in our custom units, one of the brands we choose is Federal Signal.

Federal Signal is a leader in the innovative equipment, communication and security systems, and signalling products that keep our firefighters, first responders, and communities safe. From the company’s first outdoor siren released in 1917 to its first police beacon in 1948, Federal Signal has actively developed new ways to improve safety for the steady hands communities rely on.

A commitment to deliver superior service and support, innovation, and expertise make Federal Signal an excellent choice for your lighting requirements. Experienced design teams, engineers, and support staff have made Federal Signal a trusted partner around the world. Metalfab has worked with Federal Signal for many years now, and we can always count on the team to deliver [...]

Metalfab is excited to announce our new partnership with Safetek Profire, Canada’s leading supplier of fire and emergency vehicles, parts and service. To better serve our customers in Atlantic Canada, we’ve teamed up with Safetek Profire to provide sales and service for two of their trusted brands: Spartan Emergency Response and Ferrara Fire Apparatus. We will now be offering these quality units in addition to the custom Metalfab units you’ve known and trusted for over 50 years.

Our partnership with Safetek Profire means that we can now provide you with a full line of aerial units as well as quick delivery units, making us more flexible and responsive to the needs of our fire services. This also means that we will be able to provide local service to new and [...]

Planning and Paying for Your Custom Fire Truck


Purchasing fire truck requires a hefty investment, and it isn’t always feasible to pay for it all at once. If your department is planning to purchase a new fire truck and you’re considering working with Metalfab, you’ll want to know what to expect. In this article, we outline the entire ordering process for your custom fire truck, from configuration to delivery, and highlight the payment options available to you throughout.

What to Expect

The process of purchasing a custom fire truck typically involves a bidding and ordering process, a contract and order review session, an approval package and preconstruction visit, detailed engineering, and attentive manufacturing followed by the final inspection.

The [...]

2021 Jim Hayter Memorial Scholarship

An Annual Scholarship in Memory of Chief Jim Hayter

The 2021 nomination period for the “Jim Hayter Memorial Scholarship” is now open and runs until Friday April 30,  2021.

This scholarship award is given to one applicant in the amount of $1,500.00.

The “Jim Hayter Memorial Scholarship” was established in 2017 to honour the late Jim Hayter, a charter member of the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association (CVFSA). Chief Hayter was also a firefighter with the Alvinston, Ontario fire department for 44 years, 15 of which he served as fire chief. In addition to his dedication to the Fire Services, Chief Hayter was extremely active in the community including serving as Deputy Mayor. This award is sponsored by Metalfab Fire Trucks of Centreville, NB and presented by the Canadian Volunteer Fire Services Association.

Eligible applicants for the scholarship are CVFSA members or dependent children of members who are pursuing their goal of higher education under [...]

Do I need an end-suction CXS or a full-bodied CSU waterous pump? This guideline will help you decide.

Imagine for a moment that you are on a truck committee and the apparatus you are tasked with purchasing is a pump rated at 1500 GPM. You ask for solutions to save some space and weight on a proposed apparatus but also want to keep the pump performance at 1500 GPM.

The OEM suggests an end suction pump, which seems to meet the flow and pressure requirements you set forth, as well as saving some space and weight. You could also see a smaller pump house as well as a more compact pump control panel. This could mean a shorter wheelbase. You may also see a slightly lower price. Seems like an easy choice.

Before you select this option, let’s look at the differences and similarities between an end suction pump and a full-bodied pump.


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