Every so often, we like to feature one of our valued suppliers. By doing so, we have a chance to highlight their contribution to the fire service and their ongoing dedication to helping keep our communities safe. This time around, we are putting the spotlight on Ziamatic Corporation, a leading manufacturer of fire and safety equipment in the United States and one of Metalfab’s top suppliers when it comes to sourcing parts for our custom fire trucks.

For over 50 years, Ziamatic has provided first responders, including you—our revered fire chiefs and your crews—with tools and equipment to make your jobs safer, easier, and more efficient every day.

You know that, at Metalfab, we only work with the best, so today, allow us to share with you why we think Ziamatic is one of the best of the best when it comes to supplying the manufacture of our esteemed fire safety vehicles and equipment.

Meeting High Safety Standards Is The Norm

When it comes to meeting high safety and performance standards, Ziamatic hits the mark. Since their inception in 1958, this Metalfab supplier has combined thoughtful design with smart engineering and high-quality materials to provide cutting-edge tools and equipment to the fire service and EMS industries. New products like the yellow wheel choc, sure-grip mounts, vehicle cooling units, and plastic adjustable base are put through rigorous and extensive in-house testing—as well as third-party testing—to confirm they meet the highest standards of safety and durability.

Many of Ziamatic’s firefighting-related products meet National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, and many of its EMS products comply with the standards set by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), which is the professional association that develops standards for engineering professionals.

The standards set by both organizations are important because compliance with them, while not mandatory, ultimately works to ensure the safety of the end user.

Not only does Ziamatic test products to comply with safety regulations but each product is thoroughly tested for life expectancy and durability to withstand normal use as well as product abuse, said Ziamatic’s VP, Keith Creely. And they don’t stop there. Ziamatic’s engineering department also tests the competition’s products to see how they stand up next to theirs. In most cases, Ziamatic surpasses the competition.

On top of rigorous safety testing for their products, Ziamatic is an avid implementer of workplace safety. In fact, Ziamatic has been a member of OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program (SHARP) for the past 14 years, a program designed to recognize small business employers who have used OSHA’s On-Site Consultation Program services and operate under exemplary health and safety programs. Ziamatic was also the recipient of the 2011 Governor’s Award for Safety Excellence.

Unmatched Quality, Innovation, And Flexibility

With every new design, Ziamatic strives to meet the evolving demands of the fire service with fresh forward thinking and cutting-edge development. New products, as we mentioned above, are put through rigorous and extensive in-house and third-party testing to confirm they not only meet but exceed the highest standards of safety and durability. Then, using only the highest quality materials, every product is crafted and assembled with care in the USA.

As an industry leader, Ziamatic works diligently to stay at the forefront of firefighting technology, with exciting new engineering designed to increase efficiency and improve safety more than ever before. Older products are always being upgraded and improved upon as preferences evolve and standards change.

From color, material, and mounting location to size, drop distance, and so much more, Ziamatic offers a level of choice and customization that simply cannot be matched. Whether your department is building an entirely new apparatus with Metalfab or laying out a single compartment for an existing apparatus, Ziamatic offers solutions specific to your needs.

Try Before You Buy With Ziamatic And Metalfab

Ziamatic stands behind all of their products. To prove it, you can request many of their products for 30 days to test and evaluate before you decide to purchase. So go ahead and give it a shot with that item you’ve had your eye on.

Bear in mind that sample products are for visual inspection and light handling only. Samples to be returned must be in resalable condition and may not be scratched, defaced, drilled, pierced, or otherwise altered in any manner. You will be responsible for shipping charges, and any unwanted item(s) must be returned within 45 days.

If you decide to test a Ziamatic product for your custom fire truck build, Metalfab will happily order it for you and keep it on our account. We trust that you’ll take good care, and we’ll remind you when it’s time to make a final decision. Ask our Business Development Manager, Ryan Stacey (rastacey@metalfabfiretrucks.com), for more info or to purchase from Ziamatic. You can also view the Ziamatic website at https://www.ziamatic.com/.