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2018 Metalfab Demo Unit

Pumper Mounted on an International MV Chassis

Metalfab currently has it’s Demo unit for 2018 in production.  The unit will be at various conventions during the spring and summer.  The unit is also available for sale.  For more information and complete specifications, please contact us at info@metalfabfire

The first Metalfab H.E.A.T. Series pumper has just come off the production line.  It is the current Metalfab Demo Unit.  This Unit will be making the rounds at the conventions this year.

2016 Metalfab H.E.A.T. Pumper Demo Unit

The H.E.A.T. Series is a new series of Fire Apparatus focusing on Fire Fighter Safety.  As all of Metalfab’s Fire Apparatus, we will be able to customize a H.E.A.T. Series Pumper with the options desired by your Fire Department.

For more information on this unit, please view the Demo Page on our website or contact us.


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