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Metalfab has recently become a dealer for Shield Solutions line of cleaning supplies.  We had decided to test the Shield Solutions Aluminum and Metal Cleaner/Brightener.  To perform the test we found an old deck plate step from a loaner fire truck that has sat outside for the last 5 years or more.  The step had a large area with water rust stains and was very dull.  We used the cleaner as per the instructions and the results were amazing.  The rust stains were completely removed and the step regained the brightness of the deckplate.  For further information on the Shield Solutions cleaning products, please contact us at

Metalfab Adds to the Product Offering

Easy-Kleen Firehouse System High Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Metalfab is pleased to announce that we are now a dealer for the Easy-Kleen Firehouse System High Pressure Cleaning Equipment.  The Easy-Kleen Firehouse System is a High Pressure Cleaning unit that is mounted in your Fire Hall.  It is stationary mounted which makes the washing of the trucks easy and safe.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to request further information.

Easy-Kleen Firehouse System Demo Video

Firehouse System 2015 Brochure



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