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For years, companies have taken advantage of trade shows to announce and showcase new products. Launching a new product at a trade show was often the best way to maximize exposure and connect directly with consumers. For decades, this was how Metalfab and our suppliers got the word out about new customization options for our custom fire trucks. But, as we all know, this isn’t possible with pandemic health and safety restrictions still in place.

Now, after two years without trade shows, some new product options have been released under the radar of fire chiefs across Canada and the United States. In this time, we’ve seen industry-shifting innovations from suppliers such as Waterous, Federal Signal, Amdor, and Task Force Tips. Today, on behalf of these trusted suppliers, we’d like to take the opportunity to share these new product options with you.



The team at Waterous thinks like a fire chief. They understand your questions, speak your language, and anticipate your concerns. This year, they’ve released two new product options to address the growing needs of your department.

Worry-Free Package

We all face different challenges in the department each day, but the one challenge you shouldn’t have to face is handling your fire pump. Fire pumps are designed to boost the water pressure in sprinkler and standpipe systems and to deliver the required amount of water to extinguish a fire. They are necessary when your system is fed by a nonpressurized water tank or when the water supply feeding the system has inadequate pressure.

Now imagine finding yourself in this scenario with a faulty fire pump. Suddenly lives and the safety of your crew are at risk. This is where the Waterous Worry-Free Package comes in. Waterous Company now offers a Total Protection Package (TPP-5) on all of its fire pumps at no additional cost to you. With a Waterous fire pump, you can rest assured that your pump is protected by a 7-year warranty and 5-year labor coverage.

Pressure Governor

As a supplement to their USA-made fire pumps, Waterous has launched a new pressure governor system. The governor unit receives pressure signals from the transducer mounted on the discharge side of the fire pump. If the transducer senses a change in pressure, the pressure governor will send a signal to the engine’s electronic control unit to increase or decrease engine speed to maintain the desired discharge pressure. Waterous pressure governors can be operated in either pressure or RPM mode, depending on the needs of the situation. This product is designed to be operated with gloved hands and is available in ruggedized push button or Vernier throttle models.


Federal Signal

Federal Signal is a world leader in innovative equipment, signaling products, and communication and security systems that keep workers, first responders, and our communities safe. In 2021, Federal Signal is enhancing your department’s detection capabilities with the new Vision SLR light bar.

Vision SLR Light Bar

Redesigned from the inside out, it’s obvious the Vision SLR light bar was engineered for safety. The distinct, nonlinear shape and exclusive Solaris LED rotator technology provide up to 360 degrees of light output that simply can’t be achieved by a linear light bar. Vision SLR maximizes light output to help clear the roadway in critical traffic intersections, helping you to respond sooner. Opting for this model on your next custom fire truck means earlier detection, quicker recognition, and faster response times for your department guaranteed.


Amdor’s vision is to manufacture the best specialty components for emergency vehicles. They do this by providing high-quality doors, lights, and lifting products that meet the needs of fire departments worldwide.

ESS Finish Protection System

For decades, roll-up door manufacturers have tried to design new ways of sealing the door while minimizing abrasion on the door surface after rigorous use. Now, Amdor’s proprietary Extended Slat Shoe offers patented protection of the finish on all door surfaces. If apparatus finish and texture are important to your department, consider opting for Amdor’s ESS Finish Protection System on your next custom fire truck.


Next Generation Drip Shield

Amdor’s next generation drip shield protects roll-up doors from water leakage and dust. The drip shield attaches quickly and easily to the apparatus with stainless steel screws and furnished sealing washers. It’s designed not to interfere with the door when correctly installed. Many manufacturers have developed drip shields over the years, but Amdor’s custom-made, next generation drip shield is taking performance to the next level.


Task Force Tips

Task Force Tips saves lives and protects department property by designing and manufacturing innovative tools that exceed the expectations of those who risk their lives to help others everyday. For over 50 years, they’ve focused on making sure firefighters have the best stream and reach, lowest friction loss, and safest features on all their equipment. Here’s what’s new from Task Force Tips in 2021.

Blitztac Monitor

The new, portable Blitztac monitor ensures the safety of your crew with a standard integrated safety valve that engages when there is unintentional movement in the vehicle. Once engaged, the firefighter can quickly and easily realign the hose to regain maximum flow rate. Depending on your department’s tactical operations, the Blitztac monitor allows for firefighting in a defensive or offensive position with an attack angle range from 10 to 50 degrees. One firefighter with one hose line can be quickly deployed and deliver up to 500 gpm (2000 I/min) of water aggressively and effectively.


Radius Monitor

The radius monitor raises the bar by offering the highest-reaching deck-mounted monitor in its class at 23″ (584mm) and the highest-flowing deck-mounted monitor in its class at 1500 gpm (6000 I/min). This system also includes a 360-degree continuous horizontal rotation with a smaller swing radius than competitive models and a vertical range of 90 degrees upward and 45 degrees downward.

Talk to Your Friends at Metalfab!

These are just a few of the new product options available from our valued suppliers in 2021. For further information about these and more, call your friends at Metalfab at 1-800-561-0012 or contact Business Development Manager Ryan Stacey directly at